Proud and Strong in Computing Conference

Welcome to the 1st Proud and Strong in Computing Conference!

July 5th - 6th, 2022, Göttingen

While many may think, that we have come far in matters of anti-discrimination and diversity, the sad truth is: we have a long way to go. With this event we want to create a platform to increase the visibility of underrepresented groups in the field of super computing and discuss meassures and opportunities to foster welcoming athomosphere for everyone in our community. Together we want to create a platform for (multiply) marginalized persons in the HPC-environment for networking, open discussions and presentation of their research.

If you want to contribute please submit an abstract on Indico:

  • present initiatives and best practices to increase diversity in your team and in research.
  • share your experiences in the community
  • show off your research and show the world that our community can grow even stronger through increasing diversity.

Especially, also talks from the fields of gender studies, social studies, economics and ethics are welcome.

A panel discussion and a conference dinner will give us the opportunity to discuss and get to know the various perspectives in our community.

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