How do we want to behave?

At the conference, people of different genders, from different cultures and with different backgrounds are present. This diversity is one of our strengths. We treat each other with respect. Both, organizers and participants are jointly responsible for this. We strive to maintain a responsible, supporting and respectful manner with one another – regardless of the origin, education, religious/philosophical believes, physical capabilities, gender or sexual identity. We communicate openly and fairly. We live an open culture based on trust and we accept criticism. Conflicts are resolved objectively and constructively. We consider different views and we respect opinions.

Participants must acknowledge the Code of Conduct and honor these values.

We do not tolerate:

  • Discrimination
    Causing disadvantages for others due to their gender, origin, nationality, religious/philosophical believes, physical capabilities, sexual identity or professional status.
  • Bullying
    Behaviour which repeatedly, continuously or systematically causes mental/psychological damage to or excludes individuals or exposes them to unfair criticism.
  • Sexual harassment
    Any lewd, demeaning or contemptuous remarks or actions.
  • Threats and violence
    Activities which constitute an attack, a threat or which mentally/physically injure others.

Individuals might have different perceptions on actions. The personal perception of any person is taken seriously. If we notice this kind of behaviour, we act immediately and take actions. Depending on the personal perception, we offer help for mediation, protect the offended and attendees violating these rules may be asked to leave the conference without a refund, at the sole discretion of the conference organizers.

How to react to inappropriate behaviour?

We encourage attendees to respond to inappropriate behaviour. This means that you do not look away, but to take action:

  • Asking for help
    You can always report inappropriate behavior to the organizers/organizing team. We will treat the matter confidentially.
  • Indicating the missbehavior
    You can indicate to the person that you consider his*her behaviour inappropriate and in violation to our values and that you do not tolerate this.

Show responsibility

  • Be a role model.
    Create an environment of a fair and respectful culture of communication and conflict resolutions, objective feedback and transparent decisions.
  • Act promptly and set boundaries.
    You can recognise inappropriate behaviour by keeping an eye on the interactions between your peers and on their emotional state. Do not tolerate discrediting or harassing.
  • Ask for support.
    Constructively resolving conflicts is a challenge. If required, refer to the organizers and use advisory services offered.