Parallel Computing with MATLAB and Scaling up to High Performance Computing Clusters   🔗

In this hands-on session you will learn how to speed up MATLAB on the desktop with parallel computing and how to scale to high-performance clusters. You will learn about parallel programming constructs in MATLAB and GPU computing in MATLAB. This workshop is for researchers that want to use parallel and GPU computing in MATLAB, and to scale their computations to HPC clusters.

Deep Learning with MATLAB: the power of (biased) data in AI   🔗

In this hands-on session you will learn how to classify image data by training a deep neuronal network. This workshop will help you to understand the basics of classification with AI to empower you to critically discuss and analyze AI systems. We will begin a discussion about the effects of biased training data and how to interpret AI models and try to understand the negative impacts wrong decisions by AI systems can have on individuals and our society. This workshop is for everyone who would like to better understand how deep learning models are trained and tested and how biases make their way into AI systems.